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Free iPhone app syncs contacts and calendar

News 28th August

The iPhone gained another free sync option following news from web based sync specialist Soocial that it has finished the first version of its sync app for the iPhone. Stefan Fountain, Soocial chief executive officer, told The Hypervisor, “We submitted our iPhone app to Apple’s App Store so it might take a few weeks before […]

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HowTo: Synchronize iPhone with Gmail

Uncategorized 27th August

Synchronizing the calendar and contacts information between your iPhone and a Google Gmail account is free and easy to setup. As an added bonus, the synchronisation happens virtually in real time and “over the air” using the iPhone’s WiFi or cellular data connection to the Internet. This means if you change something on the iPhone […]

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Sync options for iPhone

Reviews 27th August

Synchronizing contacts and calendars in your iPhone with Microsoft Outlook is easy enough if you use one computer, but it gets more tricky if you want to sync with two or more PCs. Apple’s iTunes software is available for Windows and Mac computers, and will synchronize the iPhone with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Email and […]

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More VMs for less

News 26th August

Virtualization management specialist VKernel today announced a new Optimization Pack, which combines three of its recently released tools into a single bundle. VKernel’s Wastefinder identifies underutilized CPU, RAM and storage resources. VM Rightsizer helps tune VM configurations so they use resources optimally, and can recommend and implement changes automatically. Finally, Inventory helps keep track of […]

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vSphere Backup sets new standard

Lab Tests 20th August

One of the best features in VMware’s newest set of server virtualization suite may be the new integrated Data Recovery backup tools. Unlike current third party backup offerings for VMware’s virtualization tools, the latest version of vCenter Server have built in de-duplication capabilities to reduce to the absolute minimum the amount of storage used when […]

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Low cost disaster recovery for small business

News 17th August

VMware’s vision of cloud computing is one step nearer following news that USA hosting specialist iland opened a datacenter in London and launched a range of hosting offerings for virtual servers. Dante Orsini, iland’s Channel Director, told The Hypervisor iland had struck a partnership with virtualization tools specialist Vizioncore that combines Vizioncore’s vReplicator software with […]

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Options for disaster recovery: How to cope if the office is flooded

Whitepaper 17th August

A recent fire in London’s Soho district meant some businesses were locked out of their offices for several days. The Buncefield Oil depot fire had a similar effect on many more businesses for much longer. How would your business cope if a nearby incident or disaster meant you couldn’t access vital IT systems for days […]

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CPU Moneysavers lab results

Lab Tests · Subscriber 6th August

CPU State Power consumption Duration PowerEdge 2850 Idle 230watts Busy 385watts 154 secs PowerEdge 2950 Idle 200watts Busy 360watts 30 secs PowerEdge R710 Idle 112watts Busy 322watts 18 secs

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Lab test: How new servers save you money

Lab Tests 6th August

Organizations with many servers are increasingly interested to know just how much energy they could save by upgrading to new hardware, but it is often difficult to find solid data about this kind of energy consumption. Now, detailed tests in The Hypervisor Labs have quantified the potential savings. Our test results show servers fitted with […]

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More free software from the Hypervisor Lab

Lab Notes 6th August

Following our release of the popular Hping2 software for Linux based hand-held devices, The Hypervisor Lab team has developed a plugin for the open-source WordPress content management software to make it easy for users to login and logout of WordPress powered websites. Although WordPress comes with a similar feature, called the “Meta” widget, the built […]

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