How to use FortiClient with macOS Sierra
Plan your upgrade carefully to avoid downtime
Lab Notes September 22nd, 2016

People using FortiClient security software on the their Mac computers should think twice about upgrading to the latest macOS Sierra software.

FortiClient is a popular free utility that creates a VPN connection to office networks for mobile workers.

In our tests, after the macOS Sierra upgrade has finished, the user is told the new operating system is not compatible with their FortiClient VPN software, and the software has been removed from service.

When we tried to upgrade the FortiClient software to the latest version, the FortiClient upgrade failed to install.

We found several descriptions of the problem on the FortiGate support website. One user also posted a solution here.

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  1. Jai says:

    The posted solution also say that it didn’t allow them to connect even after successful installation. Can someone confirm if that solution really works, or it doesn’t.

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