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14 Responses

  1. Mark Madison says:

    Hello Roger,

    I have recently upgraded to WordPress 4.0. I wanted to deactivate your plugin but when I do my home page comes up blank. Or I am presented with a login and when I provide credentials it redirects me to a page that says are you sure you want to do this. We recently realized that we had user account registration enabled but we turned that off. I would like to eliminate the login for the moment. Can you help me figure out what’s going on?



    • admin says:

      Hi Mark,

      Once my plugin is de-activated it cannot cause anything to happen on your site. Have you tried disabling all your plugins and then re-enable one at a time until the problem re-surfaces?


  2. Arush says:

    Hi Roger I’m really stuck and waiting your response to my post about the Login form not showing on the page even after inserting the PHP.

    Please when you have a moment can you help me with this issue?

    Here I am re-posting the problem I was having earlier:

    I want to take the User to a Login Page it’s displaying as a widget in the sidebar for now … but I also have a link to a Login page in my navigation menu.

    I created a page in wordpress labelled “Login” and then put this code into the HTML box of the Edit Page option using your advice to a previous poster.

    Here is the code:

    “start PHP”
    “end PHP”

    No Luck when I view the page the plugin does not display on the page. I even removed the quote ” on php rh_ still nothing.

    I even tried this:

    without the Start and End tags.

    No Luck either!

    • admin says:

      The basic instruction to include the PHP function rh_hype_lilo() in your theme is correct. I’m not sure what you mean about removing the quotes on php. Clearly there should not be any quotes in your PHP code except where you are passing text to a PHP function – e.g. echo “Hello”; needs the double quotes around Hello, and no other quotes.

      Other than that, it is possible WordPress is not loading the page you think it is. Please confirm WordPress is displaying your page by, for example, putting echo ‘TEST’; just before the call to rh_hype_lilo(); If you don’t see the word TEST on your web page something is wrong with your PHP or your theme.

  3. Sam L says:

    Hi, I use your Login Logout plugin. The text for the link for register , site admin , login, etc is blue. Is there anyway i can change the color of the text of the link to white.



    • admin says:

      You should be able to do this using the Before and After HTML boxes in the login logout settings page. If not send me the style code you’d like to use and I’ll see what I can do.

      • Sam L says:

        Well i tried that but it only changed to text color. The links itself are still blue. Is there anyway to change them to white.


        • admin says:

          Did you try adding your own div in the before HTM box, and then adding the style for your links to the definition for this div in your style.css?

  4. I’m using your SFCe plugin. There’s a bug:
    I found this in your code:

    if ( $_POST[‘sfce_event_privacy_visible’] && ( $_POST[‘sfce_event_privacy’] ‘OPEN’ || $_POST[‘sfce_event_privacy’] ‘CLOSED’ )) $error .= ‘You must provide a Privacy setting if you want to hide this option. Acceptable settings are OPEN or CLOSED.’;

    this will also result “true” when somebody entered “OPEN” or “CLOSED”
    you should restructure the if-part

    • admin says:

      I’m a bit confused by your message, for example some equals signs are missing from your quoted text. Also, the error checking you menton does not directly affect the plugin when it creates events (maybe it should?), it only makes sure you have workable settings in boxes if you choose to hide those boxes in the main post editor window.

      But more to the point, when I put CLOSED in the privacy box the plugin creates a private event, and when I put OPEN in the privacy box it creates an open event. Could you give me some more info about the type of events created and what you entered in the various boxes when creating those events?


      • You’re right, the “inequal” signs dissappeared. Anyway, I didn’t change the code, I’m talking about the code in the latest version.

        The error that is caused by the bug I mentioned:

        When you put OPEN in the box in the settings and mark that you want to hide the privacy box when you’re creating a post, it gives you the error “You must provide a Privacy setting if you want to hide this option. Acceptable settings are OPEN or CLOSED.”. Same when you put CLOSED in that box.

  5. dave says:

    Hi Roger,
    I really love your Login Logout plugin. This is one of the best WP plugins I have ever come across! I was looking all over the place until I found your plugin.

    Quick question: how might I change the links associated with “Register” and “Login”?
    (I want to send the user to a popup iframe, and I need to attach my Fancy Box info to the link).

    Like this:


    • admin says:

      The links are defined in a few places depending on which options you’ve selected – e.g. “Hide Register” link etc, so you need to search through the PHP code for Register and Login and change things as you find them. Let me know how you get on and I’ll try and think of a way to tidy up the code to make this more easy. -Roger

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