How to stop email being treated as spam
Whitelist email addresses so messages from friends or colleagues don't get treated as spam
Lab Notes September 19th, 2016

Sometimes emails from friends or colleagues ends up your spam folder. Depending on your email provider, the easiest way to prevent this could be to ‘whitelist’ the person that is sending the emails.

Some mail systems allow you to whitelist email addresses, others work by allowing you to whitelist the server name or server address that is sending you the email. A whitelist is a list of addresses that are allowed to bypass your spam filter, so they will never be treated as spam.
If you need to know the server name or its IP address, the easiest way to see it is to look at the email headers. In Gmail, you can do this by opening the email, then clicking on the ‘dropdown’ menu at the top right corner of the email, then click “Show Original”. You will then see all the details about the email and can then send the server name or IP address to your IT help-desk and ask them add this information to your whitelist.

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