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Lab Notes August 6th, 2009

Following our release of the popular Hping2 software for Linux based hand-held devices, The Hypervisor Lab team has developed a plugin for the open-source WordPress content management software to make it easy for users to login and logout of WordPress powered websites.

Although WordPress comes with a similar feature, called the “Meta” widget, the built in Meta control uses a lot of screen space and presents more information than some site designers would like. Our Login/Logout widget provides web designers with a compact alternative.

Website administrators simply need to download and unzip the software, then copy one file to their WordPress plugins directory. Then login to WordPress as an administrator, go to the Plugins control panel and activate the plugin. Once activated, they can add the Login-Logout widget to any Widget-enabled WordPress sidebar.

The plugin can be downloaded using this link.

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  1. johnywhy says:

    love the minimal look.

    how can i display the login/logout links in the footer instead of sidebar?


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