Free iPhone app syncs contacts and calendar
Soocial chief speaks up on prices
News August 28th, 2009
By Roger Howorth

The iPhone gained another free sync option following news from web based sync specialist Soocial that it has finished the first version of its sync app for the iPhone.

SoocialStefan Fountain, Soocial chief executive officer, told The Hypervisor, “We submitted our iPhone app to Apple’s App Store so it might take a few weeks before it’s available. Meanwhile, iPhone users could also use the Synthesis SyncML client, which works perfectly.” Like the SyncML client, Soocial’s iPhone app would be free of charge, Fountain added.

Soocial’s web based contacts and calendar synchronization suite differs from most other sync options because devices synchronize directly with Soocial’s web servers. As well as the new iPhone app, Soocial produces sync software for Microsoft Outlook and Mac Address Book, and synchronizes data from Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Windows Live.

Currently the Soocial web service is in pre-launch beta testing and is available free of charge. Fountain told The Hypervisor that he hopes to launch the finished suite toward the end of the year. “We are working on a payment model, it will be a low monthly fee that will also unlock some previously unreleased features. Soocial’s pricing is going to be between €5 and €20 per year.”

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