More VMs for less
Virtual appliance keeps tabs on VMware infrastructure
News August 26th, 2009
By Roger Howorth

Virtualization management specialist VKernel today announced a new Optimization Pack, which combines three of its recently released tools into a single bundle.

VKernel’s Wastefinder identifies underutilized CPU, RAM and storage resources. VM Rightsizer helps tune VM configurations so they use resources optimally, and can recommend and implement changes automatically. Finally, Inventory helps keep track of important information about all the VMs in your environment.

All three products are designed to work with VMware ESX and are packaged as a virtual appliance. They’ll be on show at next week’s VMworld conference in San Francisco, and a fully functional trial version can be downloaded from VKernel’s web site.

The new pack costs $399 per CPU socket, which includes one year of maintenance and support. Alternatively it can be acquired on subscription for $179 per year per CPU socket.

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