Hypervisor Lab Tests

MacBook Pro Video Performance Test

Lab Tests 1st March

Test results from The Hypervisor Lab show the new MacBook Pro, launched last week, is almost twice as fast running common video processing software than it predecessor. In our tests we converted a normal MPEG2 video stream from DVD format to H.264 MP4 using a MacBook Pro fitted with a 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo – […]

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Lab Test: New MacBook Pro 42% Faster

Lab Tests 25th February

Benchmark test results by The Hypervisor indicate the new MacBook Pro, launched yesterday, is over 40% faster than the previous comparable model. We tested the new entry-level MacBok Pro fitted with a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and compared the results with the previous entry-level MacBook Pro, which was fitted with a 2.4GHz Intel […]

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Windows 7 upgrade problem

Lab Tests 19th March

Hypervisor Lab tests show upgrading PCs from Vista to Windows 7 could cause sound cards, DVD writers and other hardware to fail. In our test we set out to upgrade a Dell XPS 420 desktop PC from Windows Vista to Windows 7. The XPS 420 is about two years old, has a quad core Intel […]

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vSphere Backup sets new standard

Lab Tests 20th August

One of the best features in VMware’s newest set of server virtualization suite may be the new integrated Data Recovery backup tools. Unlike current third party backup offerings for VMware’s virtualization tools, the latest version of vCenter Server have built in de-duplication capabilities to reduce to the absolute minimum the amount of storage used when […]

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CPU Moneysavers lab results

Lab Tests · Subscriber 6th August

CPU State Power consumption Duration PowerEdge 2850 Idle 230watts Busy 385watts 154 secs PowerEdge 2950 Idle 200watts Busy 360watts 30 secs PowerEdge R710 Idle 112watts Busy 322watts 18 secs

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Lab test: How new servers save you money

Lab Tests 6th August

Organizations with many servers are increasingly interested to know just how much energy they could save by upgrading to new hardware, but it is often difficult to find solid data about this kind of energy consumption. Now, detailed tests in The Hypervisor Labs have quantified the potential savings. Our test results show servers fitted with […]

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