Entries from September 2009

Simple license for Hyper-V virtual desktops

News 29th September

Windows Server 2008 R2 includes changes to Microsoft license terms that enable firms to build virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) without suffering a headache over licensing. Microsoft’s new VDI Standard Suite and VDI Premium Suite client access licenses (CALs) bundle a range of Windows technologies together into simple per-user packages. The idea is for customers to […]

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Dell launches Ultra-Wideband Linux laptop

News 29th September

Dell launched its first laptop that comes with an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless docking option and Linux module that runs alongside Microsoft Windows software. The Linux suite extends battery life and provide instant access to email and web applications. Launched today, the Dell Latitude Z is an ultra thin portable that measures just 2.5cm from top […]

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Hands-On Review: Dell’s latest netbook

Reviews 16th September

Fitted with a touch screen and weighing just 2.91 lbs (1.32 kg), the Dell Latitude 2100 is an ultra-portable with a difference. Originally designed for kids in college, the 2100 has a tough rubberised exterior and sturdy screen hinges. You shouldn’t throw it off a building but it is probably stronger than many laptops. But […]

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Windows 7 launched, Windows XP half price

News 15th September

Windows 7 has yet to appear in shops but the software can now be purchased by corporate buyers. A quirk of Windows 7 license conditions means Windows XP Professional now costs business buyers around £140 + VAT compared to a price tag of £280 for the same software last month. The new low price is […]

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iPhone OS3.1 upgrade warning

News 11th September

Apple has released version 3.1 iPhone software but Internet telephone app vendor Truphone warns users not to upgrade just yet. Truphone said customers may encounter service problems with the current version of the Truphone application (version 3.0.2) if they install OS 3.1. Truphone makes software for the iPhone which enables people to make telephone calls […]

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First look review: iTunes 9

Reviews 10th September

Apple today launched the new version of its iTunes software for Mac and Windows PCs. The new software is available as a free download and will be installed automatically provided users allow the automatic update feature to function normally. In The Hypervisor tests the first thing that most people noticed was the Snow Leopard style […]

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LogMeIn Pro Free power to PCs

News 10th September

Earlier this week remote management specialist LogMeIn updated its flagship Free and Pro remote access software with wake-on-LAN and remote diagnostic capabilities. For many years users of remote management software have asked for a way to power-on a PC using remote control software over the Internet, but until now this feature has been virtually unheard […]

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LogMeIn offers business remote management

News 9th September

Remote access specialist LogMeIn yesterday launched a new management console plus updates to most of its remote access software. The management console, called LogMeIn Central, is designed to make it easier to manage large numbers of devices running the LogMeIn remote access software. Andrew Burton, LogMeIn vice-president, told The Hypervisor, “Central is designed for business […]

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Bluetooth burglar alarm protects mobiles and laptops

News 8th September

Mobile technology specialist TenBu today launched a Bluetooth based security gadget called Nio that protects laptops and other Bluetooth devices while you’re away from the office. Nio works by creating Bluetooth links to your mobile devices and sounding an alarm if the link is broken, such as would happen if you accidentally abandoned one of […]

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Review: Techinline Remote Desktop

Reviews 3rd September

Techinline Remote Desktop is a web based remote access system for consultants, IT experts and technical support groups. Techinline works with PCs running Windows, and provides remote control and desktop viewing, clipboard synchronisation, file transfer and text based chat. The combination of remote control and remote viewing mean the suite is equally well suited to […]

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