iPhone OS3.1 upgrade warning
Apple upgrade breaks Internet phone software
News September 11th, 2009
By Roger Howorth

Apple has released version 3.1 iPhone software but Internet telephone app vendor Truphone warns users not to upgrade just yet.

Truphone said customers may encounter service problems with the current version of the Truphone application (version 3.0.2) if they install OS 3.1.

Truphone makes software for the iPhone which enables people to make telephone calls via the Internet rather than the cellular phone network. Such calls are usually substantially cheaper, particularly for International calls.

“We are aware of an issue and already have [an updated version of the Truphone app] with Apple for approval. We’re working with Apple to ensure a speedy release of this update. In the meantime, if you are a frequent user of Truphone and wish to maintain an uninterrupted service, then we recommend that you do not upgrade to Apple iPhone OS 3.1 until the new Truphone version is available,” said Truphone in a letter to subscribers.

We have not heard from other Internet phone app vendors but existing versions of other products might also have an issue with OS 3.1.

Not for the first time, it seems an update to the iPhone software has caused problems with iPhone apps.

New feature in OS 3.1

  • Improved syncing for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and photos
  • iTunes U content organization
  • Redeem iTunes Gift Cards, codes, and certificates in the App Store
  • Display available iTunes account credits in the App Store and iTunes Store
  • Save video from Mail and MMS into Camera Roll
  • Option to “Save as new clip” when trimming a video on iPhone 3GS
  • Better iPhone 3G Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is turned on
  • Remotely lock iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe
  • Use Voice Control on iPhone 3GS with Bluetooth headsets
  • Paste phone numbers into the keypad
  • Option to use Home button to turn on accessibility features on iPhone 3GS
  • Warn when visiting fraudulent websites in Safari (anti-phishing)
  • Improved Exchange calendar syncing and invitation handling
  • Fixes issue that cause some app icons to display incorrectly

Source: Apple

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