iPod Touch becomes a phone
iPod Touch VoIP from Jajah
News February 7th, 2009

Internet telephony specialist Jajah announced last week a new offering that will help people turn their iPod Touch into a mobile phone capable of outgoing calls and SMS messages.

Jajah hopes to sell its solution to other companies that will use it to produce an offering suitable for consumers. The Jajah suite combines the iPod Touch’s WiFi capability with VoIP technology, so we expect call would be much less expensive than with traditional mobile phone networks.

At the time of writing it’s not clear if Jajah has any business partners in Europe that are planning to market services based on the iPod Touch offering.

Of course, Jajah is not alone in selling VoIP based offering to iPod Touch users. Truphone launched its Truphone for the iPhone service last year. As well as supporting iPhone devices, the Truphone offering also works with the iPod Touch. The Truphone service can forward incoming calls to any traditional telephone. However, the Truphone iPhone app does not support sending SMS messages.

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