Windows 7 touch gestures towards iPhone
Now you can use two fingers on Windows
Comment October 21st, 2009
By Roger Howorth

Today Microsoft finally launched the consumer versions of its Windows 7 operating system. While the software ushers in several new features like a much improved Task Bar, the most ground breaking is new support for Touch Screen devices.

Experts say it will take time before software such as office tools and consumer titles will be updated to make the most of the new Touch support, but in the long term the new touch options will change the way people use their computers and open up new markets for Windows software.

For example, one Microsoft pundit told The Hypervisor he predicted a boon in kitchen appliances. “Before now PCs were a bit of a no-no in the kitchen, but with Touch you could use them for recipes and on-line shopping to fill the fridge.”

In fact Windows has had support for basic Touch Screen devices for some time, but with Windows 7 these capabilities have been expanded. The new capabilities bring Windows in line with the type of gestures that can be used with the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch to zoom pictures and change content.

Adding the new Windows 7 Touch gestures to Windows mobile devices would allow Microsoft to compete more effectively against Apple in that arena.

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