LogMeIn offers business remote management
Better remote control tools for small business
News September 9th, 2009
By Roger Howorth

Remote access specialist LogMeIn yesterday launched a new management console plus updates to most of its remote access software. The management console, called LogMeIn Central, is designed to make it easier to manage large numbers of devices running the LogMeIn remote access software.

Andrew Burton, LogMeIn vice-president, told The Hypervisor, “Central is designed for business users and the IT people supporting them. It gives them a way to better manage the different LogMeIn services they may be using, so they can bring their computers, their users and their networks together.”

Burton said a Central subscription entitles the user to deploy an unlimited amount of LogMeIn Free remote access software and manage those PCs from one interface. It also entitles them to set up multiple networks with 256 Hamachi clients.

Central then makes it easy for the user to arrange various PCs and networks into groups, and provides a comprehensive range of reporting capabilities. For example, Central makes it easy to see when various subscriptions are about to expire. Central is a web based console that works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Firefox family of browsers, and costs £176 per user per year.

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