Lab Notes

How to restore iPhone home button in iOS 10

If you upgraded to iOS 10 we show you how to fix the home button so it works like iOS 9

Lab Notes

How to use FortiClient with macOS Sierra

Plan your upgrade carefully to avoid downtime

Lab Notes

How to stop email being treated as spam

Whitelist email addresses so messages from friends or colleagues don't get treated as spam


How to post as myself on Facebook Pages

Howto Help for Facebook Page admins


HowTo: Resize Parallels Virtual Hard Disk

Reign in oversized virtual disk drives


Connecting Entourage 2008 to Exchange 2007

Microsoft Update doesn't install Web Services Edition, you must do it yourself

Lab Notes

Connecting Mac Mail to Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 required

Lab Tests

MacBook Pro Video Performance Test

Converting DVD files not quite twice as fast on latest laptop


Howto: Use Outlook in Offline mode

Work with Outlook while on a train or plane.


Facebook Apps Time Out

Events bug fix surprises some developers


HowTo: Synchronize iPhone with Facebook Events

Facebook Events in the palm of your hand


Twitter takes on spammers

Twitter switches to OAuth, old apps may be broken


Facebook holiday weekend hangover

Fail of social networking site


New tool for Linux VMs

vOptimizer Pro now supports Linux VMs


Facebook to take over web

New APIs let third party sites embed Facebook functions


Review: SYNCING.NET 2.8

Quick and easy way to synchronize Outlook and other data


Dell sets sights on Itanium

King of low cost servers attacks Itanium market