Facebook holiday weekend hangover
Fail of social networking site
News August 31st, 2010

Facebook users today reported problems connecting to the popular social networking site. We recieved reports from several people in the UK, and readers have responded to this article saying the problems are still affecting users in Slovenia and Portugal. The problem is probably affecting Facebook users worldwide.

Error message for Facebook users.

One Facebook user posted this as her status message. “[Name] can’t load Facebook on her computer, just her phone.” A friend replied, “Facebook has been much fail today.”

Another user responding to the thread said, “I think there was a server update, probably for the new ‘places’ feature.”

In Hypervisor tests earlier today we could connect to Facebook from PCs in our lab, but we couldn’t open events or photo albums. Facebook seems to working normally again now. Yesterday was a public holiday in the UK, leaving some people to characterise Facebook’s hiccups as a holiday weekend hangover.

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  1. Carlos Lopes says:

    It’s not working in Portugal too. with some pages and profiles

  2. anaoli says:

    still doesn’t load in slovenia

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