How to use 2FA with SSH

Uncategorized 13th November

Security audits normally require 2 factor authentication for all users that access sensitive services on public facing servers. So although once upon a time it was cool to use single factor authentication such as the ‘publickey’ method for services like SSH, more recently it has become essential to use 2FA for accessing SSH on web […]

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HowTo: Ubuntu virtual mail host pt. 3

Uncategorized 24th June

Following on from part 2 of this guide: Install the maildirmake utility, which is part of the maildrop package. apt-get install maildrop Create a group for the virtual mail server, then create a user and add the user to the group: groupadd vmail useradd -g vmail vmail Take a look in your /etc/group file and […]

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Howto: Use Outlook in Offline mode

Uncategorized 23rd December

People using a laptop often want to download all their email to their laptop before starting a journey so they can work with their email without a connection to the Internet. Microsoft Outlook’s “Offline” mode allows Outlook to be used without an Internet connection, but it doesn’t automatically download all your email to your laptop […]

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HowTo: Synchronize iPhone with Facebook Events

Uncategorized 11th November

Update: Now that Facebook support is integrated into iOS, just go to your Settings App, scroll down to the Facebook logo, and make sure the Calendars switch is selected. You Facebook calendar items will then be displayed alongside your other calendars in the iPhone Calendar app. —— It’s surprisingly easy to get your Facebook Events […]

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Windows 7 upgrade problem

Lab Tests 19th March

Hypervisor Lab tests show upgrading PCs from Vista to Windows 7 could cause sound cards, DVD writers and other hardware to fail. In our test we set out to upgrade a Dell XPS 420 desktop PC from Windows Vista to Windows 7. The XPS 420 is about two years old, has a quad core Intel […]

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Sync options for iPhone

Reviews 27th August

Synchronizing contacts and calendars in your iPhone with Microsoft Outlook is easy enough if you use one computer, but it gets more tricky if you want to sync with two or more PCs. Apple’s iTunes software is available for Windows and Mac computers, and will synchronize the iPhone with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Email and […]

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HowTo: Create a Ubuntu virtual machine

Uncategorized 8th July

We explain how to create a simple server virtual machine (VM) running Ubuntu Linux 8.0.4. We chose Ubuntu because it is well supported both by free on-line documentation and also by services companies that you could pay for help and advice. We assume you are running VMware Workstation 6, but these instructions would work just […]

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HowTo: Ubuntu virtual mail host

Uncategorized 2nd July

This article explains how to set up a Ubuntu server as a virtual mail host. The resulting server could be used as a bastion mail server, which accepts email from anywhere on the Internet, provided the email is addressed to a domain hosted by your network. A further HowTo explains how to convert this configuration […]

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HowTo: Ubuntu virtual mail host pt. 2

Uncategorized 1st July

We explain how to update our Bastion Mail host configuration so it could be used as an internal mail server, which would accept mail from any user that is logged into this server – they could be connected from anywhere on the Internet, provided they have a user account defined in the “virtual” table in the […]

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VMware Update Manager

Reviews 20th June

VMware Update Manager v1 comes free with vCenter 2.5 (VC25) and is designed to help IT managers locate and install software patches for ESX Server systems and the Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs) running on them. Update Manager (UM) runs as a plugin for VC25, but it is not installed automatically, so a VMware […]

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