LogMeIn Rescue adds iPhone support
Enables access to unattended PCs and boosts BlackBerry support
News March 17th, 2010

Help desk can configure iPhone email.

Remote control specialist LogMeIn has added iPhone support to its LogMeIn Rescue web based IT help desk suite. The update enables support technicians to send email or SMS messages containing a link that users can click to automatically connect to the LogMeIn Rescue console. Once connected, technicians can chat and send email account settings to the iPhone.

An IT support provider told The Hypervisor, “A growing number of users require help with their iPhones, and the most common problem is correctly configuring email account settings. The new LogMeIn Rescue feature will save us scheduling desk-side visits for this kind of support call.”

Also in the latest LogMeIn Rescue update is a new feature enabling technicians to access unattended computers. Previously LogMeIn Rescue support sessions could only be started when a person was actually using the PC. The Unattended Access feature means technicians can schedule their time more efficiently as they can fix problems regardless of whether the user is present at their computer. However, the user must initially be present to setup Unattended Access on their PC, which should reassure users that IT support staff cannot take over their PC without their consent.

The update also adds new Applications, Modules and Service Book tabs to the LogMeIn Rescue console while managing supported BlackBerry devices.

The updated LogMeIn Rescue is available now.

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