Lotus Domino supports iPhone push
Lotus Notes gets iPhone support
News November 6th, 2009

Firms using the Lotus Domino email system can now provide push email to people using Apple’s iPhone. The only requirement is that the Domino servers be running Lotus Domino server version 8.5.1 or higher, and must be configured to use the optional Domino Traveler software module.

Once the Traveler software is installed, users can connect to the Domino server using an Active Sync account on the iPhone. The combination of Domino Traveler and iPhone Active Sync provides users with instant synchronization of calendar, email and contacts between the iPhone and Domino server.

Configure iPhone using the Traveler website

Configure iPhone using the Traveler website

In The Hypervisor lab we tested this set-up with our Domino server and found things worked much as expected. The only possible problem we found was during installation. Our tests revealed users must visit their company’s Traveler web site and click on a link to “Generate an Apple iPhone Profile” (see left).

The iPhone will then be automatically configured with a new Active Sync account configured to work properly with the Domino Traveler software.

People that add a Traveler Active Sync account to their iPhone using the “Settings” app will find they cannot connect to their Traveler server.

Domino 8.5.1 was released on October 6 2009.

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