Entries from February 2009

VMware boosts iPhone support

News 26th February

Having seen a demonstration of how an iPhone could be used to manage virtual machines at last year’s VMworld conference in Las Vegas, I was disappointed that VMware executives didn’t have any news on the matter at this week’s VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes. However, when I asked VMware vice president of emerging products, Dan […]

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VMware cloud runs all your apps

News 25th February

VMware president and chief executive Paul Maritz announced a new suite of products at the VMworld Europe 2009 conference that he said would enable firms to run all their applications using virtual machines. In a briefing to press and analysts, VMware vice president of emerging products and markets, Dan Chu, said VMware’s vCloud API  will […]

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iPhone gets new Skype option

News 24th February

Users of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch can now use the free Truphone app to chat and call their Skype buddies. Truphone announced the capability some time ago but until today the Skype option was not actually available to Truphone users. Users can now add details of their Skype account to the Truphone app. […]

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SAN suite boosts VMware storage

News 23rd February

SAN optimisation specialist Virtual Instruments today launched a new monitoring and optimisation suite for VMware SAN environments. Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom Portal Server collects and correlates traffic data from VMware VirtualCenter. The suite can also collect SNMP data from SAN switches and traffic data from Fibre Channel probes connected directly to SAN cabling. The VirtualWisdom suite […]

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Microsoft struggles to keep web site running

Lab Notes 16th February

Corporate customers and software developers were unable to access Microsoft’s MSDN benefits portal for much of today. The portal provides MSDN subscribers with access to downloads of Microsoft products and license keys. Although Microsoft has not issued a statement about the problem, the problem came to light in The Hypervisor Lab when one of our […]

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Intel makes iPhone challenge

News 16th February

Chip giant Intel announced another attempt to enter the high-end phone market at the Mobility World Congress in Barcelona today. Although Intel did not mention the iPhone, the move will see Intel team up with consumer electronics giant LG to produce sleek devices that target the same high-end sector of the smart phone market. The […]

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Red Hat Appliance exclusive review

Reviews 16th February

Launched in October, the appliance is based on a Dell PowerEdge 2970 server and the Red Hat Application Stack, which includes the Apache web server, MySQL database and JBoss application server. As well as making it extremely quick and easy for administrators to deploy applications, once deployed, the service and support package makes it easy […]

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Free tool keeps mail safe from spyware

Reviews 10th February

You only need to look at a few spam messages to see it’s surprisingly easy to make email look like it came from someone else. Likewise, most email is transported over the Internet in plain text, so anyone with network monitoring tools could read your mail — even before you do. These tools are extremely […]

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iPod Touch becomes a phone

News 7th February

Internet telephony specialist Jajah announced last week a new offering that will help people turn their iPod Touch into a mobile phone capable of outgoing calls and SMS messages. Jajah hopes to sell its solution to other companies that will use it to produce an offering suitable for consumers. The Jajah suite combines the iPod […]

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iPhone remote control for PCs

Reviews 4th February

Launched in December, Logmein Ignition for iPhone allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to remote control PCs using the popular LogMeIn web service. LogMeIn.com provides remote control of multiple PCs from normal desktop web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, and says its users connect to 50 million devices through its service. Users register […]

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