SQL Server 2008 RC0 launched today
Database is here and now
News June 10th, 2008

Microsoft launched release candidate zero (RC0) of SQL Server 2008 at its Tech Ed conference in Orlando today. David Hobbs-Mallyon told the Hypervisor, “The software will soon be online for the community to download and test.” Although this is not a public test version, subscribers to Microsoft TechNet and other Microsoft community channels would have free access to the software, Hobbs-Mallyon added.

“We’d previously provided a feature complete technology preview version, so most people would have seen the features and functionality,” he added. The RC0 version will include a few additions around failover clustering, but there is no sign of any performance improvements at this stage, said Hobbs-Mallyon, which suggests that some debugging code is still present in RC0 that would be removed before the software is finally launched. “We’re still committed to a launch date for the production version sometime in the Q3 period this year,” he said.
Microsoft has yet to provide a link to the RC0 download site. Call us cynics if you like, but we expect it to be a few days yet before the software is actually available for testing.