Data dedupe for 98% less storage
More for less is more
Lab Notes May 13th, 2008

We’ve heard reports of one user that is seeing a 50x reduction in the amount of storage space needed for backups of their virtual machines thanks to data de-deplication, or dedupe, technology from DataDomain.

In this case the DataDomain dedupe tool was integrated with Vizioncore vRanger Pro backup software, so the user simply needs to tick an option in the vRanger Pro backup console and the data dedupe is done automatically. We hope to publish more details of the architecture very soon. Scott Herold, lead architect of Quest Software Virtualization Business, which owns Vizioncore, said the 50x reduction was unusually high. “I think most dedupe manufacturers say people should expect between 10-20x reduction in their storage requirements,” Herold added.

For more information about DataDomain follow this link.

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