Entries from September 2016

How to restore iPhone home button in iOS 10

Lab Notes 23rd September

If you have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 10, the chances are you will have noticed the ‘Home’ button does not work the way it used to. With earlier versions of iOS and phones that have a finger print sensor, resting your finger on the home button would unlock the screen. However, iOS 10 changes […]

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How to use FortiClient with macOS Sierra

Lab Notes 22nd September

People using FortiClient security software on the their Mac computers should think twice about upgrading to the latest macOS Sierra software. FortiClient is a popular free utility that creates a VPN connection to office networks for mobile workers. In our tests, after the macOS Sierra upgrade has finished, the user is told the new operating […]

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How to stop email being treated as spam

Lab Notes 19th September

Sometimes emails from friends or colleagues ends up your spam folder. Depending on your email provider, the easiest way to prevent this could be to ‘whitelist’ the person that is sending the emails. Some mail systems allow you to whitelist email addresses, others work by allowing you to whitelist the server name or server address […]

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