Entries from March 2009

ESXi short on support

Comment 31st March

Tests in The Hypervisor lab show that although VMware ESXi is extremely quick and easy to deploy, it currently lacks support by several leading third-party tools. ESXi is the embedded version of VMware’s industry leading ESX Server hypervisor. ESXi is often stored on a Flash memory module fitted in the server chassis. This enables vendors […]

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Push options for iPhone email

Lab Notes 16th March

Over the last few years the Apple iPhone has changed our expectations of how a mobile phone should look and work. But while the iPhone comes with an exceptionally good web browser and a range of other software, years after its launch the options for push email are still disappointing. Blackberry was the first major […]

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The true cost of VDI

News 12th March

Microsoft Windows and Office software licenses are likely to be the most expensive elements in any virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) roll-out, according to The Hypervisor research. VDI systems replace traditional PCs with virtual machines running desktop software. Each user has their own dedicated virtual machine (VM), and users connect to their VM using one of […]

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VMware benchmark results

News 4th March

Last week VMware showed some impressive hypervisor benchmark figures at the VMworld Europe 2009 conference in Cannes. The numbers suggest it makes more sense to run applications like Microsoft Exchange or Oracle databases in a virtual machine than on physical servers. VMware says this is because such enterprise applications are not designed to run efficiently […]

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