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iPhone 3G shortcuts

Reviews 26th August

Most iPhone reviews tell you the good stuff but overlook the problems. We overlook the good stuff to tell you the problems. First let me say I’m a fan of the iPhone. Overall it has the best software you’ll find in a phone today. But although it’s good, it’s far from perfect. GPS sucks For […]

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Apple iPhone has best software yet

Comment 20th August

By Roger Howorth If you haven’t used an Apple iPhone you might be forgiven for thinking people like the software because it’s pretty to look at. While it is pretty, there may be more to it than that. For example, many web sites don’t work properly with Symbian phones, and Windows based mobiles are not […]

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Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Reviews 19th August

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, launched on October 16th, enables corporate IT departments to provide telephones, instant messaging and web based conferencing to users located anywhere in the world. We don’t expect many firms to rip out their existing communications infrastructures, but organisations moving into new premises should consider OCS alongside other VoIP and traditional […]

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Hyper-V benchmark surprise

News 18th August

In head to head benchmark tests of Microsoft Hyper-V compared to VMware Workstation, The Hypervisor test results indicate virtual machine (VM) performance using Hyper-V is below that of VMware Workstation. Our tests compared the time taken to install various operating systems into VMs hosted by the two hypervisors. Thus our test results focus on the […]

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Microsoft Office Communications Server

Comment 18th August

By Roger Howorth Late last year Microsoft launched Office Communications Server (OCS) 2008 and Office Communicator 2007, the complementary desktop client for the new server suite. If nothing else, the pair could be used as a bargaining tool to help reduce the costs of office telecoms. If you haven’t seen them yet, they’re well worth […]

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Review: Vizioncore vReplicator 2.1

Reviews 15th August

Launched on September 4th, vReplicator 2.1 is the latest version of Vizioncore’s virtual machine replication suite. Previously called esxReplicator 2.0, the update is a good choice for firms that want to create and maintain replicas of their virtual machines (VMs) that are ready to run on secondary servers just in case something goes wrong with […]

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