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Review: Vizioncore vCharterPro

Reviews 8th July

Vizioncore vCharter Pro is designed to help VMware ESX Server administrators manage the utilisation of system resources such as RAM, CPU and disk allocations. It monitors resources used by ESX Server systems and also of the VMs they are running. If you’ve seen its predecessor, vCharter, it’s important to understand that vCharter Pro is not […]

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HowTo: Create a Ubuntu virtual machine

Uncategorized 8th July

We explain how to create a simple server virtual machine (VM) running Ubuntu Linux 8.0.4. We chose Ubuntu because it is well supported both by free on-line documentation and also by services companies that you could pay for help and advice. We assume you are running VMware Workstation 6, but these instructions would work just […]

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HowTo: Ubuntu virtual mail host

Uncategorized 2nd July

This article explains how to set up a Ubuntu server as a virtual mail host. The resulting server could be used as a bastion mail server, which accepts email from anywhere on the Internet, provided the email is addressed to a domain hosted by your network. A further HowTo explains how to convert this configuration […]

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HowTo: Ubuntu virtual mail host pt. 2

Uncategorized 1st July

We explain how to update our Bastion Mail host configuration so it could be used as an internal mail server, which would accept mail from any user that is logged into this server – they could be connected from anywhere on the Internet, provided they have a user account defined in the “virtual” table in the […]

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