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Snapshots show downtime the door

Comment 22nd December

I’ve recently upgraded several systems to use the latest server virtualisation software from VMware. The business needed the upgrade because the new software enabled them to assign more then 3.6GB of RAM and more than two processors to the accountancy system, which runs in a virtual machine (VM) under VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3. But while […]

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Problems with Windows Server 2000 and 2003 in a nutshell

Blogs 11th December

By Roger Howorth In the days of Windows 2000 I was an outspoken critic of the Windows Server platform. At the time the software was riddled with bugs that left it vulnerable to worms and hackers.

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Windows Server 2008 check list

Lab Notes 11th December

Those that know me may be surprised that I’am eagerly awaiting the forthcoming release of Windows Server 2008, due February 28. See Problems with Windows Server 2000 and 2003 in a nutshell. While I have yet to install the latest release candidate on my systems, the time is now ripe for IT professionals to take […]

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