Vizioncore vReplicator 2.1 available for download
Lab Notes September 4th, 2007
By Roger Howorth

We’ve now downloaded and installed our copy of Vizioncore vReplicator 2.1 from this link.

The installation package has grown in size somewhat since the previous release. The version 2 download package was under 6MB, while the latest version is a whopping 63.3MB.

Of course, some of the new features account for much of the increase in size, notably the new database backend for storing program data. Besides enabling you to store such information in a separate MS SQL database, the vReplicator package also includes a copy of the free Microsoft SQL Express.

However, as you can see from the screen-shot below, those who are familiar with the previous version will not notice many changes in the new GUI.
vReplicator’s main GUI

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