VMware PowerShell tools updated
Free software project launches new tools
News October 8th, 2009
By Roger Howorth

Herold: New tools make for easier remediation.

On October 12 The Virtualization EcoShell Initiative (Vesi) will release version 1.2 of its free Virtualization EcoShell software.

Focussed on helping people running VMware virtualization, the new suite runs on Windows and includes a graphical editor for handling PowerShell scripts.

The new Virtualization EcoShell editor adds a new integrated search tool to find free PowerShell scripts stored in the popular Poshcode.org repository.

It also includes a range of other new features. For example, it previously had features to collected data about the virtual infrastructure. The update includes new features to display that data on charts and graphs.

Likewise, the previous version had best practice filters to highlight VMs that had potential configuration problems, such as those configured with a virtual CD-Rom drive connected. Such VMs would not work properly with VMware’s VMotion live migration feature.

Scott Herold, Vesi lead architect, told The Hypervisor, “Previously people needed to dig deep into the user interface to find help with remediation. The new version simplifies the path to get remediation. Now it’s one click to identify the issue and one more click to fix it”.

The new Vesi tools will be available as a free download from this site from October 12.

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