VMware launches iPhone tool
Virtualization in the palm of your hand
News September 18th, 2008

The hot news from VMware’s VMworld conference in Las Vegas this week is that VMware is developing software to run on the Apple iPhone.

Stephen Herrod, VMware chief technology officer, told attendees at the conference today VMware engineers were working on a version of the VMware Infrastructure Client that would run on the Apple iPhone.

VMware’s Mike DiPetrillo told The Hypervisor that he developed a beta version of the Infrastructure Client over a period of about four weeks. He said he wanted to post his source code online but Apple’s software licensing prohibits this type of source code sharing.

DiPetrillo said other engineers are working on a Linux version of the VMware Infrastructure Client. Although no launch date has been announced, we expect this software to be made publicly available next year.

The Infrastructure Client is used to manage VMs running on ESX Server systems by connecting directly to an individual ESX Server. It can also be used to manage a farm of ESX Servers by connecting to a VirtualCenter Server system.

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