Continuous availability for VMM2008
Neverfail keeps VMM running when Windows falls over
News September 8th, 2008
By Roger Howorth

Continuous availability specialist Neverfail today announced its intention to support Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2008.

VMM is Microsoft’s equivalent of VMware’s Virtual Center management console. Many people will rely on VMM to manage their virtual infrastructure. A Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) deployment consists of multiple components, notably SQL Server, the library service, which requires file system services, and VMM itself.

Andrew Barnes, Neverfail senior vice president of corporate development, told The Hypervisor, “Neverfail already supports SQL Server 2008 and file server configurations. Today we’re announcing a new plug-in for the Neverfail console to support VMM itself.” The plug-in will be available later this year, he added.


Barnes: Price depends on number of VMs

Barnes said the price of the forthcoming plug-in would depend on the size of the VMM roll-out. “Obviously if you’re managing thousands of virtual machines then continuous availability of VMM is worth more to you than if you are managing ten or twenty.”

Neverfail’s product line is designed to protect various applications running on Microsoft Windows. The suite creates and manages a fail over pair, and the fail over system can either be in the same location or at a remote site. Users might notice a 30 second delay while the application doesn’t respond, but otherwise they don’t notice the switch over to the failover system. They don’t need to reconnect or restart their application after failing over.

Neverfail is one of the sponsors at Microsoft’s Get Virtual Now launch event held in Bellevue today, which is Microsoft’s high profile push on Hyper-V as a platform.

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