Better monitoring for virtual infrastructure
vCharter Pro renamed vFoglight
News September 15th, 2008
By Roger Howorth

Virtualisation management specialist Vizioncore announced vFoglight, a monitoring and reporting suite for virtual servers based on a major upgrade to its previous vCharter Pro product.

In an exclusive interview with The Hypervisor, Scott Herold, chief architect at Vizioncore, said the new suite would include chargeback tools, be easier to navigate and would make it much easier for users to customise.
vCharter Pro already provides a range of monitoring capabilities about virtual machines and the VMware hosts on which they run. “We’re renaming the product vFoglight and going to the next step by adding application cartridges that will provide insight into the applications running inside the VMs. We’ll launch with support for Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and Active Directory. We’re looking at supporting IIS, Oracle and SAP in future releases,” Herold added.

vFoglight will also provide much improved monitoring of the physical storage infrastructure. “We already do a good job monitoring the disk space available inside virtual disks. We’re adding more tools for capacity planning for the entire host environment,” said Herold. Initially vFoglight will have added support for NetApp, EMC Clariion, HP EVA and EqualLogic. “We’ll also support some EMC Symmetrix and DMX systems,” he added.

Vizioncore demonstrated vFoglight to attendees at VMworld in Las Vegas today, showing the new application cartridges and integration into physical storage devices using another new cartridge.

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